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The Battery Man at 1390 St. James Street in Winnipeg,Manitoba, Canada, is the region’s largest independent retail / wholesale battery and solar power products provider.

Established in 1986 as a battery reconditioning business, we have since sold thousands upon thousands of new and reconditioned batteries of every shape, size, chemistry, and voltage for every possible application. We source the world for the best products and can ship anywhere. Known as the “Go-To place” we are proud to source obsolete and hard to find batteries.

Founded by Manager and Partner Brett Duseigne, the company philosophy has remained from the start, to promote the best possible customer service and advice, at competitive prices, while maintaining the highest level of integrity. With over 75 years combined years of experience and a huge inventory of products, the staff work hard to earn the great reputation they enjoy.

Our product line includes batteries for virtually everything from cars and trucks to computers and all of today’s battery powered products, in price ranges to suit every budget. As well as batteries, we specialize in alternators and starters, switches, clamps, cables, and accessories. Exciting developments are occurring in the Solar Energy field and The Battery Man offers design and advice, as well as all the products and supplies related to solar energy systems and products.

We are members of the Canadian Battery Association (CBA), the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), and are accredited by the Canadian Automobile Association Manitoba (CAA)

Quality name brand batteries, competitive prices, unparalleled service, free battery system checks, customer shuttle, in house tech centre, honesty, integrity, and a huge inventory of products and knowledge are some of the reasons why our customers love and continue dealing with The Battery Man.

At The Battery Man, “We’ve Got It!” And if we don’t have it “We’ll Get it”. And if we can’t get it…”We’ll Make It”!


Battery Man is committed to offer our clients the largest selection of batteries for every applications.

We have thousands of batteries in stock and if we don't, we can get the battery you need within a day or two.

Please selct one of the categories to get more details on the products we carry.

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Solar Power

Solar Power has become a popular and dependable power source with the development and continuous improvement of Photovoltaic (solar electric power) over the last few decades. How it works. Converting Photons to Electrons The solar cells that you see on calculators and satellites are photovoltaic cells or modules (modules are simply a group of cells electrically connected and packaged in one frame). Photovoltaic's, as the word implies (photo = light, voltaic = electricity), convert sunlight directly into electricity. Once used almost exclusively in space, photovoltaic's are used more and more in less exotic ways. They could even power your house.  
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Battery Care


Select the proper size battery

Always select a battery that has enough cranking power and reserve capacity to get the job done. Consider the vehicle manufacturer's recommended capacity to be a minimum capacity guideline.

Along with electrical accessories, temperature also has a dramatic effect on battery performance. Vehicles that are operated in extremely cold climates will need a battery

that's rated well above the minimum a.E. recommendation. Remember, you can't select a battery with too much power!

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