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Batteries are Recyclable 

Authorized Recycling Depot

The Battery Man is an authorized battery recycling depot. You can drop off any and all batteries at no charge and we will be certain to dispose of them in an environmentally proper manner. We even pay money for storage battery cores such as automotive batteries.

Imagine the environmental damage that can be caused by carelessly discarding 18 pounds of lead, two pounds of plastic, and a gallon of acid: the contents of a lead-acid battery. Now imagine that damage compounded by 75,000,000: the approximate number of lead-acid batteries available for recycling each year in the United States. Fortunately, scrap lead-acid batteries can be safely recycled. In fact, they have been recycled since the 1920s, and today these batteries have a higher recycling rate than other waste products such as aluminum, paper, and beverage containers made of glass or plastic, just to name a few. Over 98% of all used batteries are recycled today.

This is an EPA-permitted recycling system, which is important for you to know because hazardous disposal laws place heavy penalties on offenders and considerable paperwork burden on everyone. You can be assured that your scrap is being recycled in an environmentally safe manner. 


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